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What the Media is Saying…

“Every so often there comes a podcast that stands out among the pack. One that makes you think, ‘Jeez, how in the world could I have missed this?’ I stumbled across one last week that fits that mold: Just My Show.”
-The Daily Ping

“It’s pretty fantastic…Eric actually asks a great mix of questions. Things you’ve always wanted to know and things you would have never thought to ask.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             -Podcast Squared

“A phenomenal interviewer…This was just a joy to listen to. Really, I would highly recommend anybody except for maybe a five to ten year old listen to this. It’s fun.” (Five Stars)
-Edgy Podcast Reviews

“The site’s appreciation of retro pop culture is put together in slick fashion as a labor of love…”
Newsday’s “The TV Zone” Blog

“We really recommend you listen to [Tony Dow & Alan Young] and every other interview this cool web site does.”

“If you haven’t checked out this podcast, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how much Eric gets from his interviewees. Great Sunday morning listening!”
-TV Party!

“Eric’s interviews are incredibly well researched and his interviewing style is good: straddling the line between uber-fan and journalist with aplomb.”
-Podcast Fanatic

“In my opinion, is just the thing…that’s just the thing for anyone with an interest in retro pop culture and a spare five minutes to listen to its latest podcast…DYR is already a big fan.”
-Do You Remember? Blog

“Eric is an excellent host, guiding his guests as they regale him with interesting stories and tidbits from their careers…And come on, he interviewed the guy behind Underoos!  How is that not interesting?”                                                                                                                                                                                               -viddyviddy Podcast Reviews

“If you are a fan of retro- you’ll love these podcasts. Speaking for myself- I haven’t listened to a lot of podcasts and I found just listening in as if listening to the radio, a pleasure in of itself.”
-One of a Kind Wisconsin Blog

“…a treasure chest of wonderful and always insightful conversations with the actors and actresses that starred and co-starred in the classic TV shows and films that we have all grown up watching.”
-Down In The Attic Blog

“…a haven for retro pop culture fans…”
-Pop Culture Passionistas

“I believe that if you’re into pop culture, you will get a kick out of this show.”
-The Podcast Place

Podcasts Getting Press…

“Pop-culture podcast Just My Show took a little break, but it has come roaring back with a Stiles-sational episode.” (Teen Wolf Podcast)
USA Today’s Pop Candy

“…if you’re a fan of the “Wolf,” you’ll flip out for this.” (Teen Wolf Podcast)
-Motion Captured Blog

“…a fascinating interview of a key member of one of the most memorable teams in sports history” (Miracle on Ice Podcast)
-Lester’s Legends Fantasy Sports Blog

“Marion Ross was adorable as ever, but Dan Lauria’s spot was one of the best interviews I think I’ve ever heard.”
-An Eye For Detail Blog

“A fun and sometimes surprisingly frank interview” (The Great Space Coaster Reunion Podcast)
-Monsters and Rockets Blog

“And so we come to a new pop classic, the fun podcast ‘Just My Show’… They’re to be uniquely commended for being one of the few, the proud, the gifted with strong memory cells — for reuniting the cast of lost kid classic, The Great Space Coaster! — take that, VH1!!”
-Noir Dame Blog

What Our Guests Are Saying…

“Those were some of the best questions I’ve ever had in a 35 year career.”
-Gary David Goldberg, Family Ties Creator

“I’ve done a lot of radio interviews and I can always tell when somebody knows what they’re talking about and you’ve done your research. Good for you!”
-Gary Sandy, WKRP in Cincinnati

“Wow! You really dig into stuff, don’t ya?”
-Bill Kirchenbauer, “Just the Ten of Us”

“[Just My Show] opened my eyes to many things I’ve never thought of before, but now thanks to you, I’m thinking!”
-Earle Hyman, The Cosby Show

“You seem to be very up on all that’s happening.”
-James Tolkan, Top Gun/Back to the Future

“You do a good job. That was a great interview. I really appreciate it.”
-Shadoe Stevens, The New Hollywood Squares/The Late Late Show

“That’s a wonderful interview…really, one of the best of the year for me.”
-Dr. Elmo, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer


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