Monkee Davy Jones Made Us Believers

March 1, 2012 6:48 am

I remember hearing a story a long time ago about a fan mailing herself in a box to Davy Jones. I have no idea if it’s true, and while that would definitely have been a bit misguided (not to mention expensive), I can understand why someone would have wanted to meet the guy. I’d like to have met him. I’d like to have had him here on the podcast. In fact, I tried as recently as this month.

Davy Jones had a likability and sincerity that carried over into his singing. It’s what made Daydream Believer The Monkees’ classiest and most endearing tune, if not their biggest. It’s why the news of his unexpected passing has been all over the internet. People are truly sad about this one.

Whether you think the Monkees were a legitimate band or a really good fake one, Davy was a real entertainer. Not only did his iconic voice bring him success in music, but also on Broadway and, of course, on The Monkees television series that later gained him an entirely new generation of fans  thanks to its airings on MTV. Despite co-starring in his own series though, his most memorable TV appearance may well have been his guest spot in the classic 1971 Brady Bunch episode Getting Davy Jones in which Marcia tries to make good on a promise to get Davy to sing at her prom.

“Among the television shows that I did, and I did probably 50 or 60, that happens to be one that people remember,” said actor Britt Leach, who played Davy’s manager in the episode. “My memory of Davy is that he was a dear man. It’s a very sad thing, you know, when a good guy dies, passes. It’s sad for all of us. I think he brought a lot of pleasure and a great innocent pleasure. I underline that. I think that’s needed these days.”

Leach, who’s been seen in such films as Father of the Bride and Weird Science, told Just My Show that he’s only seen the Brady Bunch episode once or twice in the 40 years since it was shot and is quick to make fun of his haircut (right) in what was one of his earliest TV roles. “I got my screen actor’s guild card in 1968 so I was only three years in and very lucky to have the job and I hope I helped out in the episode.”

While the specifics of that one day on the set are a bit hard to recall so many years later,  the now retired actor has a pretty good idea of why Davy’s popularity has endured. “We have so much garbage out there and I’m not one for censorship but I sure do like wholesomeness,” Leach told JMS. “The sweetness of the man comes through and I think that’s cherished these days.”



  1. Botskie says:

    i remember first seieng the monkees on the rerun shows at night as a young kid and just loved them have ever since but i must say i do prefer this version of girl’ for me the guitar just adds that extra ooomp with his vocals just kinda highlights them nicely.

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