Interview with Larry Wilcox, Officer Jon Baker on CHiPs

May 31, 2012 1:37 pm

Special guest Larry Wilcox from CHiPs is on the show to celebrate the classic motorcycle cop series’ 35th anniversary! Get the real story behind  the show’s scary motorcycle stunts, his relationship with Erik Estrada and the big upcoming CHiPs anniversary event.

With a special appearance by Seven Mary Three’s Casey Daniel. Plus, Arsenio Hall’s comeback, the remote control and much more in the latest edition of New News About Old Stuff.



  1. sharon carr says:

    hi guys sharon here i love all the episodes of chips and i have been a big fan of it since it started and good luck with your big upcoming event and wish you all the best in the future and i just love erik estrada and larry wilcox from chips they are 2 brilliant characters and keep me posted with all the upcoming events from the show. take care guys good luck.

    your friend,

  2. Rick Ravon says:

    Loved the interview. Larry is an awesome guy. I wish *I* could speak to him on the phone.. :)

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