Where else can you find the dad from “Silver Spoons,” the lead singer of Wang Chung and the creator of Underoos all in one place? Welcome to Just My Show, the retro pop culture podcast. Our job is to bring you back to all those things you forgot you loved growing up.

In each episode, Just My Show brings you interviews with some of your all time favorite people from classic TV, movies, music, sports and a whole lot more. We love jogging your memory by throwing in some more obscure stuff too!

Why Just My Show?

The name came in the podcast’s humble beginnings back in January of 2006, before it officially become the home of all things retro. It’s probably not the best title from a marketing perspective. But hey, if Wang Chung can work for our pal Jack Hues, then this can work too.

Meet the Host and Producer

A TV producer by day, Eric Greenberg has worked for Court TV, CNBC, and most recently, ABC’s hidden camera program What Would You Do? His coolest credit came early in his career when he served as a production assistant on The Sopranos. A life long classic TV and pop culture fanatic, he is also a contributor to The Greg Brady Project. He lives in New York City.

How to Listen

Listening is easy. Just hit the play button (arrow) on any of the audio players you find on the site, or if you prefer, download an MP3 to put on your iPod or other portable device. You can also subscribe to the show on iTunes and have the podcast automatically download to your computer whenever we put out something new.

RSS Feed (for pod-savvy people): http://justmyshow.hipcast.com/rss/just_my_show.xml


  1. bob says:

    I think you are GREAT and VERY TALENTED

  2. Sherri says:

    The new site rocks…congrats!

  3. Margie says:

    Love the new site! Good Luck.

  4. HC says:

    This is my favorite podcast! Your interviews are always so well-researched and entertaining and I’m so glad I found your site. Keep em comin’!

  5. Joanne says:

    This website is always on my radar…. I look forward to new additions and love revisiting the older ones! Bravo, Eric!!!

  6. Mexifryou get says:

    just found this podcast, and can’t wait to go thru all of them and hope you get more like “kids incorporated” and I can’t remember the kids game show but it had a red head kid and 2 twin girls….. well anyways great job!

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